Oct 02

What is Whitchurch Memories?

At the speaker meeting on the 10th September 2015 WHAG committee members introduced a new local history project: ‘Whitchurch Memories’. This is being run jointly by WHAG and the Whitchurch Heritage Centre; it will form part of Oral History (a national, long term, project). Many members and friends of WHAG have grown up in the Whitchurch area, have acquaintances that grew up, perhaps even born here or have lived here themselves for many years.  It was felt that with your interest in ‘the past’ and local connections you might wish to contribute to the project. The plan is to focus on a series of aspects of life in the Whitchurch area and that we pace the project over, perhaps, two years. Our intention is to issue pro-formas every two months during the Autumn-Winter-Spring season; each will be asking for recollections of different aspects of Whitchurch area life*. *We call the Whitchurch area the hinterland i.e. the villages, hamlets and farms that would use Whitchurch town as their market. All submissions will be processed by the Heritage Centre volunteers in-confidence. However, as this is part of the national Oral History project you may be asked to contribute further (participation optional).