Whitchurch Phone book 1906

This is the Phone-book for the Whitchurch Area in 1906.


Name Address Exchange Number
Bamber T. & Sons, Cheese Factors Cheese Factory, Broxton Station Clutton 2
Bamber W. 48 Station Rd Whitchurch 36
Bellis E., Market Gardner Holt Farndon 2
Bellis E., Market Gardner Wrexham Road, Holt Farndon 2a
Bradbury C., Butcher High Street Whitchurch 35
Bradley Samuel Lion Hotel Malpas 6
Bright W. E., Corn & Cake Merchant (Office) The Wharfe Whitchurch x5
Bright W. E., Corn & Cake Merchant Warehouse Whitchurch x5
Bright W. E., Corn & Cake Merchant 38 Dodington Whitchurch 5
Bristow & Sons, Tailors Green End Whitchurch 7
Call Office Post Office Whitchurch 1
Call Office Post Office Clutton 1
Call Office Post Office Farndon 1
Call Office Post Office Malpas 1
Dodd G., Builder Mill Street Whitchurch 8
Dugdale C. T., J. P. Terrick Hall Whitchurch 42
Edge G., Builder Wrexham Road Whitchurch 9
Edwards R. D., Licensed Grocer High Street Whitchurch 10
Fish H. J., Cheese Factor The Hollies Whitchurch 3
Fox and Goose Hotel (F.C, Holloway) Green End Whitchurch 11
Gartside W Fairfield, Chester Rd Whitchurch 12
Greenshields R. L. The Beeches Malpas 2
Gwynn C. H., M. D., Medical Practitioner St Marys Street Whitchurch 6
Horner’s Creamery Whitchurch Whitchurch 43
Huxley J. B. & Co. Ltd., Coach & Motor Builder Excelsior Works, Station Rd Whitchurch x2
Huxley J. B. & Co. Ltd., Coach & Motor Builder Edenhurst House, Station Rd Whitchurch 2
Huxley T. G., Contractor Oldhall Street Malpas 4
Jones B., Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchant Bull Ring Whitchurch 14
Jones R. B., Printer and Stationer “Herald” Office, High Street Whitchurch 16
Jordison Dr. C., Physician High Street Malpas 5
Joyce J. B. & Co, Turret Clock Makers Works, Station Road Whitchurch x17
Joyce J. B. & Co, Turret Clock Makers The Cottage, Chester Road Whitchurch 17
Lee L., Chemist 27 High Street Whitchurch 18
Manley H. & Sons, Auctioneers Green End Whitchurch 19
Morgan & Sons, Chemists and Grocers 10 & 12 Watergate Whitchurch 20
Morgan G. S., Draper Church Street Malpas 7
Newbrook & Son, Fish and Game Dealers 19 Watergate Whitchurch 21
Parker Capt. T. M. Veterinary Surgeon New Street Whitchurch 22
Perram Dr. E., Medical Practitioner Dodington House 19 Dodington Whitchurch 23
Phillips J. E., Surgeon Oldcastle Malpas 8
Police Station Station Road Whitchurch 41
Police Station Broxton Clutton 4
Police Station Farndon Farndon 3
Police Station High Street Malpas 9
Roberts A., Corn Merchant 3 High Gate Whitchurch 24
Rowland S. C., Chemist 54 High Street Whitchurch x25
Rowland S. C., Chemist 1 Talbot Street Whitchurch 25
Salt Smith A., General Merchant High Street Malpas 10
Sharps R., Butcher 31 High Street Whitchurch 45
Simmons E. A. Casula Tarporley Road Whitchurch 26
Smith Jnr. R. T., Timber Merchant Green End Whitchurch x27
Smith Jnr. R. T., Timber Merchant 21 Chester Rd Whitchurch 27
Smith W. H. & Co., Ironfounders and Agricultural Implement Manufacturers The Showrooms Whitchurch 39
Swan Hotel (W. H. Manley) Watergate Whitchurch 28
Tollemache Lord Peckforton Castle Clutton 3
Tupling G. H.,Ironmonger and Cycle Agent The Wharfe Whitchurch 29
Urban District Council Town Hall Whitchurch x30
Urban District Council Office of Clerk Green End Whitchurch 30
Victoria Hotel (P. H. Wright) High Street Whitchurch 31
Walker J., Baker 21 High Street Whitchurch 32
Watkins Dr. A. M., Medical Practitioner 29 Dodington Whitchurch 33
Welch A., Iron, Metal Merchant Barlow’s Yard Whitchurch x44
Welch A., Iron, Metal Merchant 15 Dodington Whitchurch 44
Whitchurch Cottage Hospital Brownlow Street Whitchurch 40
Williams H. J., Solicitor 5 Brownlow Street Whitchurch 38
Wycherley G. C., Saddler Bull Ring Whitchurch 4
Wyvern Hotel Church Street Malpas 12