Whitchurch Phone Book 1921

Whitchurch Phonebook 1921

This is all the numbers listed in the Whitchurch Area section of the 1921 Phone book.

Name Address Exchange Number
Alexandra Hotel 42 High Street Whitchurch 87
Anchor Hotel (E Allen) Whitchurch 91
Anderson O H Dental Surgeon 2 St Mary’s St Whitchurch 102
Apperley Alfred, Cycle Motor Engineer Tilston Tilston 6
Aston & Son House Furnishers 16 Green End Whitchurch 15
Baker H. S. & Co High Class Furnishs 8 High Street Whitchurch 83
Bamber T & Sons Cheese Factors Broxton Stn Clutton 2
Barbour Mrs Broxton Hall Clutton 6
Batho W H, Miller Corn Dealer Prees Mills Prees 9
Batkin H W, Farmer Potato Merchant Bank Farm Prees 10
Beckett H.G.W., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Prees Prees 4
Bellis Bros Holt Farndon 2
Bellis Bros Wrexham Rd Holt Farndon 4
Berends B, Jnr Litter Wks Whixhall Redbrk Maelr 7
Birchall Bros.. Iron Mongerers, Agents 40 High Street Whitchurch 49
Bithell W Bickley Wood Nomans Hth 2
Black R. A. Prees Hall Prees 5
Blezard George Wicksted Hall Whitchurch 13
Bowen W Draper, Milliner, Outfitter 28 High Street Wem 25
Bowen W Draper, Milliner, Outfitter Bull Ring Whitchurch 76
Bradbury Bros’ General Butchers Market Hall Whitchurch 35
Bradbury G F, Motor Cycle Engineer High Street Malpas 17
Bradbury W, Butcher Church Str Malpas 3
Bradley Samuel, Coal Merchant Station Mews Hampton 2
Bradley Samuel, Coal Merchant Laurel Bank Malpas 6
Bright W F. Corn, Cake Merchant Canal Wharf Whitchurch 5
Bristow and Sons, Tailors & Outfitters 48 Green End Whitchurch 7
Broad A E, Cattle Salesman Somerset House Threapwood 5
Bulkeley. Col C R Oak Cottage WTC Burleydam 4
Butter F. S. Solicitor Wem Wem 7
Bygott & Eccleston Solicitors Wem Wem 2
Cambell-Muir D E., Gentleman Frmr Hampton Hampton 7
Castle Hotel (Family and Commercial) Wem Wem 30
Cheshire,Shropshire and N Wales Farmers Supply Association Ltd Grindley Brook Mill Whitchurch 69
Chesters & Holland, Builders 12 Dodington Whitchurch 110
Cholmondeley Brig-Gen H.C. Lee Bridge Kennels Wem 20 and 23
Cholmondeley The Most Honourable, The Marquis of Cholmondeley Castle Cholmondeley 2
Clayton A, Clerk to the Guardians St Marys St Whitchurch 73
Clement A & Sons Ltd, Cheese Factors Stattion Yd Whitchurch 94
Co-Operative Society 25 Green End Whitchurch 88
Cooper J H Farmer, Director, Brckwork Dog Lane Threapwood 4
Crosse AJ, Photographer, Pict Framer High Street Whitchurch 39
Crossley Sir Kenneth Irwin, Bart Combermere Abbey Burleydam 3
Davies H.K., J.P., D.L., Edgeley House Whitchurch 68
Davies Wallace, Sub-Post Master Post Office Prees 1
Davis E.R. Commission Agent 21 Edgeley Rd Whitchurch 24
Done George H, Farmer Topwood Threapwood 3
Done John Manor House Mlps Cholmondeley 7
Dugdale, Major C.T., J.P. Terrick Hall Whitchurch 42
Duggan T.C. Bank Manager Smallbrook Lodge Whitchurch 66
Eagles E.A., Commission Agent Newtown House Whitchurch 116
Eaton & Co Tailors, Outfiters 9 High St Wem 22
Eaton & Co Tailors, Outfiters 24 High St Whitchurch 97
Eaton & Co Tailors, Outfiters Bootmakr High Street Malpas 10
Eccleston Albert G, Solicitor The Dingle Whitchurch 34
Edge, George & Son Bldrs & Contrctrs Castle HIll Whitchurch 9
Edge, William Grocer Post Office Clutton 1
Edwards, R.D. & Son High Street Whitchurch 10
Egerton-Warburton G. Grafton Hall Mlps Tilston 2
Employment Exchange The Cross Malpas Malpas 21
Employment Exchange Branch Office 70 High Street Wem 7
Employment Exchange Branch Office 7 St Marys St Whitchurch 103
England J.E. Ashton at Rye Bank Wem 8
England J.E. Potato Merchant Ashton at Rye Bank Wem 16
Fane, Cecil Land Agent Estate Office Cholmondeley 3
Fell, H.W. Land Agent Shavington Grange Calverhall 3
Fenn’s Bank Brick and Tile Co. Fenn’s Bank Redbrk Maelr 3
Fish Mrs The Hollies Whitchurch 3
Fox and Goose Hotel (J.C.Grimes) Whitchurch Whitchurch 11
Franklin C.H. Posting Stables, Motors High Street Wem 26
Furber P.J., Cheesefctr Coal Merchant Melton Lodge Whitchurch 86
Galloway, George, Estate Agent Woodhouses Whitchurch 105
Gartside W Fairfield Whitchurch 12
Gill Fred Briggs, Farmer Mount Farm Whitchurch 108
Gillson Brig-Gen. G Higginsfield Malpas Cholmondeley 5
Glynn DE, Ship Owner Churton Lodge Farndon 10
Godsal Major P.T. Iscoyd Park Redbrk Maelr 2
Great Western & Metropolitan Dairies Whitchurch Whitchurch 43
Greenshields R.L. The Beeches Malpas 2
Grindley W., Motor Cycle Expert The Garage Prees 8
Groom, Jos., Market Gardener Lily Hall Prees 3
Grosvenor Lord Arthur J.P. Broxton Clutton 8
Grosvenor Lord Gerald Ash Grange Whitchurch 58
Gwynn C. H. M.D. St Mary’s House Whitchurch 6
Hall Wateridge& Owen Auctioneers Wem Wem 5
Hanmer, Rev. Hugh The Rectory Whitchurch 60
Harrison J. G. J.P. Cloverfield Whitchurch 57
Hayward S. G. Accountant & Auditor 3 Brownlow St Whitchurch 106
Heywood-Lonsdale Colonel H Shavington Calverhall 2
Hoban J.G. Veterinary Surgeon 7 New St Whitchurch 22
Holland, Fanklin Edge House Malpas Hampton 3
Holt Phillip D. Sibbersfield Hall Farndon 8
Hope-Edwards, Capt D. T. M. White Horse Hotel Wem 3
Hopley J & Sons Carriage Builders Doddington Works Whitchurch 51
Horners Creamery The Creamery Prees 2
Horton W., Grocer, Provsn Merchant 17 Green End Whitchurch 56
Hospital, Cottage Brownlow St Whitchurch 40
Howell-Evans, Lt-Col Hugh John Hampton Post Hampton 8
Hubbard Chas W., Drug Stores Claypit St Corner Whitchurch 109
Huxley T.G. & Co. Bldrs & Cntrctrs Malpas Malpas 4
Ince E. A. Post Office Farndon 1
Isherwood A. & Co Ltd Timber Merchnt Railway Saw Mills Wem 21
J.B.Joyce & Co, Clock Makers Works Station Rd Whitchurch 17
J’Armay I. B. Bulkeley Hall Malps Cholmondeley 4
James G.G. & Sons High Class Tailors 36 Watergate St Whitchurch 75
Jones B, Wine, Spirit Merchant Bullring Whitchurch 14
Jones J. Mossfields Whitchurch 85
Jones R. B., Newspaper Proptr Prntr Herald Office Whitchurch 16
Jones Rev. M. Tilston Tilston 3
Joyce J.N. Wicksted Old Hall Whitchurch 64
Kenyon C.F. Steele Farm Prees 7
Keyworth & Dallewy, Doctors, Surgns New St Wem 24
Kirby A.E., Fish, Fruit Salesman 2 Mill St Whitchurch 26
Kynaston Bros, Ironmongers, Implmnt High Street Wem 9
L & N.W. Railway Co Broxton Stn Clutton 5
L & N.W. Railway Co Goods Psngr Stn Whitchurch 63
Lancely G The Cross Malpas Malpas 13
Ledsham W, Corn Merchant 1 St John Street Whitchurch 53
Lee & Gardner, Solicitors& Commssnrs 4 Dodington Whitchurch 71
Lee Hy. Bygott & Eccleston Solicitors 40 Dodington Whitchurch 98
Lee J. H. W. Broad Oak Redbrk Maelr 5
Lee L., Chemist & Grocer 27 High Street Whitchurch 18
Lees Ltd., Chemists & Grocers Market St Wem 18
Leigh A. Physician and Surgeon The Hayes Malpas 14
Lewis Wm., Miller & Farmer Coddington Mill Clutton 7
Lloyd F. & Sons, Auctrs & Valuers 56 High Street Whitchurch 62
Lloyd Mrs. The Ditches Wem 4
Lloyds Bank Ltd. High Street Whitchurch 77
Logan C.E., Horse Slaughterer Well Street Malpas 7
Lowe F. G. & T., Farmers Farndon Farndon 13
Lucas, Salt & Glover, Solicitors Wem Wem 19
Madeley J., Grocer & Draper Tilston Tilston 1
Maguire Sir Alexander H Coton Half Whitchurch 93
Manley H & Sons, Auctnrs & Valuers Whitchurch Whitchurch 19
Manley M. Swan Hotel Whitchurch 28
Morgan G. H. & Sons, Chmsts & Grcrs 2 High Street Wem 17
Morgan G. H. & Sons, Chmsts & Grcrs 10 Watergate Whitchurch 20
Moss Bros., Ironmongrs, Motor Agents 62 High Street Wem 27
Mullock Thomas, Insurance Agent Poultry Farm Malpas 20
Newbrook & Son, Fish Salesmen 19 Watergate Whitchurch 21
Newcombe Frank, Medical Practitioner 9 Edgeley Rd Whitchurch 114
Norton E.P., Cheshire Cheese Factor Whitchurch Whitchurch 47
Norton E.P., Cheshire Cheese Factor The Mount Whitchurch 61
Ntnl Prvncl & Union Bank of Englnd Ltd Whitchurch Whitchurch 2
Parker Hon. Mrs. E. J. A. Maesfen Hall Nomans Hth 3
Parker T. Mayor M.B.E. Clifton House Whitchurch 80
Parker The Hon. Rev. Archibald The Rectory Wem 11
Parker W., Physician & Surgeon Hollybank Farndon 6
Parry Bros., Fruit Growers Esphill Holt Farndon 7
Paulin & Richie, Physcns & Surgns Prospect House Malpas 5
Perram Dr E., Medical Practitioner 19 Dodington Whitchurch 23
Pershouse Cecil James Lr Carden Hall Mlps Tilston 7
Philips J. E. Oldcastle Malpas 8
Pinnington W., Grocer, Corn Merchant Farndon Farndon 5
Platt & Swain, Cheese Factors Wem Wem 12
Pointon E.C. Baker, Confctr, Caterer Fountain Cafe Whitchurch 82
Police Station Broxton Clutton 4
Police Station Farndon Farndon 3
Police Station High Street Malpas 9
Police Station Wem Wem 13
Police Station Station Road Whitchurch 41
Poole B. D. Marbury Hall Whitchurch 46
Porter & Son, Saddlers 13 Green End Whitchurch 84
Porter S.E. & Co. Ironmongers &c. 18 High Street Whitchurch 74
Povey-Morgan J., Commission Agent Newtown House Whitchurch 116
Powell Joseph, Cattle Salesman The Square Prees 6
Rasbotham Mrs J. R. Ebnal Grange Hampton 4
Reece & Sons Ld., Creamery Prptrs Hampton Malpas Hampton 6
Reeves Geo., Journalist Salisbury Road Whitchurch 101
Richards J. R. Ironmonger, Dairy Utnsls 43 Green End Whitchurch 78
Rigby B. O. Carden Pk. Stables Clutton 3
Rimmer Lt-Col. Stanley The Bollings Malpas 19
Robinson A., Farmer Egerton Hall, Malpas Cholmondeley 6
Rowland S. C., Pharmacist High Street Whitchurch 25
Seager Miss. E. M. L. Kingsmead Chrtn Farndon 11
Sharps Bros., Butchers 31 High Street Whitchurch 45
Shell Marketing Co. Ltd. Petroleum Products Fensbank Redbrk Maelr 9
Shrewsbury & Wem Brewery Co. Ltd. Brewery Wem 15
Simister J. H. Agent Employment Ex 7 St Marys Street Whitchurch 103
Simpson A., Motor Engineer, Plumber 48 Aston Street Wem 6
Singleton E. Bickerton Clutton 9
Smith Percy, Wholesale Cheese Factr Canal Wharf Whitchurch 36
Smith R. T. Timber Yard Whitchurch 27
Smith R. T. The Cottage Ctr Rd Whitchurch 79
Smith W. H. The Elms Chstr Rd Whitchurch 37
Smith W. H. & Co, Ironfounders The Showrooms Whitchurch 119
Smith W. H. & Co, Ironfounders Dodington Whitchurch 52
Smith W. Harold Brownlow House Whitchurch 111
Smithfield Provendor Co. Ltd. Churton Road Farndon 12
Somerset V. E., Physician & Surgeon Old Hall Wem 28
Summers J. W. Emral Hall Wthbr Threapwood 2
Sumner & Stevenson, Corn Merchants Malpas Stn Mills Hampton 5
Sumner W.H. Corn Factor Whitchurch Whitchurch 112
Sutcliffe & Darlington, Auctnrs & Valrs Dodington Whitchurch 118
Tallis Thos. Aston Lodge Wem 29
Taylor A. J., Cycles & Motors High Street Garage Whitchurch 48
Thom Alfred A. Whitewell Redbrk Maelr 4
Thom W. Wirswall Hall Whitchurch 65
Thomas Geo., Taxis, Cycle Agent High St Farndon 14
Thompson E. P., J. P. Paulsmoss Whitchurch 67
Tomlinson Edwin, Farmer Holt Farndon 9
Tupling & Viggor Ltd., Ironmngrs &e 5 Canal Wharf Whitchurch 29
Tutton W.H. & Co. Ltd., Cheshire Cheese Factors Sherrymill Hill Whitchurch 96
Underwood & Co., Boot Manufacturers 12 High Street Whitchurch 55
Urban District Council- Town Hall High St Whitchurch 30
Vickers & Sons, Builders * Contractrs Tilston Tilston 4
Victoria Hotel (P. H. Wright) High St Whitchurch 31
Walker John Ltd., Bakers & Confctnrs 21 High St Whitchurch 32
Warburton Eliz., Grocr, Provsn Mrchnt Post Office Clutton 10
Wardle George Redbrook Ldg Redbrk Maelr 8
Watkins A. M., Medical Practitioner Dodington Whitchurch 33
Weaver George, Local Fuel Overseer Old Hall St Malpas 12
Welch A., Iron, Metal Merchant High St Whitchurch 44
Welsford R. A. H. The Lodge Malpas 11
Wem Conservative Club Sambrook Hall Wem 14
Wem Mills Ltd. The Mill Wem 10
Whitchurch (Salop) Gas Co. Ltd. Whitchurch Whitchurch 90
Whitchurch Brewery Alkington Rd Whitchurch 89
Whitchurch Cottage Hospital Brownlow St Whitchurch 40
Whitchurch Joint Cemetery Board Mile Bank Rd Whitchurch 92
Whitchurch Laundry, High Class Work Whitchurch Whitchurch 59
Whitchurch Union Workhouse Master Workhouse Whitchurch 72
Whitchurch War Pensions Sub-Comte 2 Pepper St Whitchurch 107
Whittingham A., Fmly Draper, Milliner 5 Watergate Whitchurch 81
Williams Henry J., Solicitor 5 Brownlow St Whitchurch 38
Wilson Col. H. M. Barmere Whitchurch 117
Wyatt W. W., Engineer Whitchurch Whitchurch 50
Wycherley J. W., Saddler Church St Malpas 16
Young Capt. J. E., Veterinary Surgn Station Rd Whitchurch 54